Enikő Győri

Enikő Győri

Minister of State for EU Affairs of Hungary

Minister of State for European Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs (2010-) Member of the European Parliament (2009-2010), member of the Economic and Monetary Committee President of the Italian Forum of Budapest (2004-) Member of the Board of the Political Science Review, Hungary (2007-) Director of Free Europe Centre (2004-2009), Head of EU Staff of Fidesz Political Group in the Hungarian National Assembly (2003-2009) Ambassador of Hungary to Italy (1999-2003) Adviser on EU affairs of the Hungarian National Assembly (1992-1999) Lecturer at ELTE University in Budapest (2004-2009) and Eszterházy Teachers’ College in Eger (1995-1998) Publications abroad and in Hungary on the role of National Parliaments in the EU, Malta’s accession to the EU and other EU subjects

Born in 1968, MA (1992) and PhD (2000) at the Budapest University of Economics, Faculty of International Relations. Studies and traineeships in the US, Brussels, Paris, Mexico and Spain. Languages: English, Italian, Spanish (excellent), French (intermediate)

Married, with two children.


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